Summary of all the scientific studies about unschooling

Link URL: https://muddysmiles.com/unschooling-evidence/

Even as the unschooling movement grows in popularity, scientific studies remain few and far between. This is no problem for the families engaged in unschooling; they, after all, know firsthand the benefits that it brings and the positive outcomes that follow. However, the lack of research does remain an impediment for those who are interested in giving it a go but are looking for more “hard evidence” to convince them to make the leap. Muddy Smiles, a site dedicated to play within all forms of education, has produced a summary of the emerging research on unschooling. The aim was to bring together pertinent science which could assist unschooling advocates as they make their case.

You can read it here: https://muddysmiles.com/unschooling-evidence/

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