Create + Connect 2019 Program – Now Accepting Applications!


Create + Connect is a free, online, 12 week program that will run from June 23rd to September 13th. Our goal is to match participants aged 13-25 with people that have common interests and help them create a final project or product that will add to your expertise and professional portfolio. Create + Connect is made to be flexible depending on what subject or field you want to learn or improve with. Whether you want a partner, a guide, or someone to mentor, we can give you the tools to build new bridges.

Monthly group video meetings will make sure that your network expands as much as possible within the 12 weeks of the program while allowing you to share your progress and create goals together. Weekly optional advisory calls via video, audio, or chat room messaging are also available if you have questions or issues that are more personal and needed to be handled quickly.

We’re here to help you. This program is designed to be straight forward and self-directed. We won’t leave you in the dark, but we definitely don’t define what a successful project is. By submitting your application, your opening the doors to a bigger network and more tools for productivity and personal development.”


Key Dates

  • Application deadline: May 20, 2019
  • Participants announced: June 3, 2019
  • Program starts: June 23, 2019
  • Program concludes: September 13, 2019


Responsibilities and Commitments

Note: if you are attending any summer camps or taking vacations and need a week or two off, we're 100% flexible with that!

  • Expected to put in 5-15 hours per week working independently (mentors only 1-2)
  • Monthly required group session to:
    • share progress
    • share creative criticism
    • go over the framework for the next month
    • create and share goals
  • Weekly optional advisory calls if you are:
    • having difficulty with partners
    • feeling stuck
    • unable to define goals
    • unable to move forward
    • in need of guidance

The application window has ended. Thank you for your interest!