Youth on Subjects of the World – Ep. #3 – Internet Culture

The panel for our third episode includes Martin Harvey-Olson, Will Maguire, Coltrane Stagg, Neil Karkhanis, Arthur Velwest, Emily Pearce, and Leandros Rivera. This is our largest panel so far, and it should be an amazing conversation!

The topic that they have chosen to discuss is Internet Culture.

This is such a HUGE topic, our panelists have SO much to discuss.

The Youth will discuss the various subcultures that have come into existence since the Internet was created, Viral videos, Memes, YouTubers, Internet gamers, Art, Music, etc. I’m sure the effect that social media has on everyday life will come up, as well as how the Internet has changed the economy, and how we watch TV and movies, and even how we become informed of important world and local events. What effect has the Internet had on recent major world events, such as the 2016 US Election, Brexit, the refugee crisis, and much more. Our panel will discuss all this and more. If you are able to watch live, feel free to ask questions, and our panel will do their best to answer.

The Youth for Episode 3:

Martin Harvey-Olson
Martin Harvey-Olson is an unschooled kid who is all about creative expression through music. He has been following his passions for years – cosplay, art, martial arts, gymnastics, but most of all music. He has taught himself to play multiple instruments, and is working on mastering multiple musical styles and genres, although his favorite is Rock/Alternative.


Will Maguire
Will Maguire is a 13 year old who is home educated, and currently resides in U.K. He has traveled to over 50 countries.

Coltrane Stagg
Coltrane Stagg is a 13 year old unschooler whose interests include video games, drawing, making music, coding and other geeky stuff. He’s gone all around the USA in an RV, where he and his family lived for an entire year.

Leandros Rivera
Leandros Rivera is 15 years old and he lives in New Jersey with his unschooling family. He has been happily homeschooled since first grade. His main interests lie in playing video games, reading, film making, philosophy, psychology, researching world religions, sketching and current events.

Emily Pearce
Emily Pearce is 13 years old and has been traveling the world with her nomadic family for the past 8 years, visiting over 30 countries. She is also an accomplished singer and songwriter, plays guitar, piano, and violin, and is currently selling her music on iTunes. Her other interests include art, animation, story writing, snow, and environmental studies.

You can hear Emily’s music on her Youtube channel at youtube.com/emilyinthejungle and purchase her professional recordings at emilypearcemusic.com

Neil Karkhanis
Neil Karkhanis is 14 years old and attends South Jersey Sudbury School, a democratic free school where the students decide how to spend their time. He enjoys discussing politics, education, world events and nutritional science. He has been involved in community theater since the age of six. He spends a few months out of the year living in Tampa, FL and the rest in New Jersey. He’s very excited to have this platform to share views and ideas with others.

Arthur Velwest
Arthur Velwest is a 20 year old unschooler who has spent much of his life pursuing self taught education. Currently in the childcare field, he would be happy to talk to anyone at any time about unschooling.

To watch the YouTube video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1XxUcezgvU

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