Minutes from PUN Organizing Meeting 6/15/2020

PUN Organizing Meeting
June 15, 2020
8-9:15pm Eastern Time

Present: Jim, Katherine, Jordan, Alex, Kai


Repeat Mission Statement: PUN is a digital community that helps young people pursue self-directed learning by providing resources, events and friendships.


1) After-effects of switching to Discord

– what to do with old Chat data and servers ($10/mo and $30/mo respectively)?  Set an August 1 deadline to get your data and then it will be deleted.

– allow content to be posted without a username/password
– get rid of the forum
– get rid of the friend finder
– add a regular email list form to the PUN website


2) Introducing the a.utono.me offering system / Calendar

– Alex Khost developed this platform which will be integrated with PUN through an iFrame and with OAuth logins.  We can list events and offerings on there.

2) Forming a PUN board of directors

– all young people on a board, plus the legally required number of adults as per the bylaws of the state.  However, all decision-making and voting power will be granted to the youth board.

– maximum age limit of 18 for board members

– we will put out applications to join the board.  New members must be voted on approval by existing members, at least 80% approval for new members

– Application Questions: tell us your philosophy on education, what is group culture you want to foster, age, your educational background,

– in the future, we will look to create a board of advisors who have no power, but give advice/help

3) Updates on events:

  • Create+Connect – Jim+Bria are collaborating. Just finished matching all the teens with mentors
  • Book Club – Katherine needs help promoting (AERO and ASDE event lists)
  • Open Mic – no further interest at the moment
  • Q&A Sessions – Jordan is working on contacting grown unschoolers
  • Debate Club – Kai is going to make a graphic for us to pass around and promote

4) Event Promotion Strategies

Discussed new places to promote events:

-AERO’s email list to announce events,
-Blake Boles monthly email,
-HSLDA has a mailing list,
-more ‘homeschooling’ labelled groups.
-ASDE event list


5) Consolidating other unschooling/SDE groups on Discord (and elsewhere?)

Decided: No – the variety is good.  These groups all serve a purpose.  Let’s grow ours without consolidating other groups.


6) Feedback for Jim on facilitation and leadership

So far so good

7) Schedule next meeting

Next Organizing Meeting:  July 13, 8:00-9:30pm Eastern Time in the #Organizing channel on our Discord chat server.

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