Minutes from PUN Organizing Meeting on 4/13/2020

PUN Organizing Meeting
April 13, 2020
6:00-7:30 Eastern Time

Present: Jim, Katherine, Jordan


1) Restated our Mission Statement:

PUN is a digital community that helps young people pursue self-directed learning by providing resources, events, and friendships.

How can we quantify our impact?  Each month, look at:

  • number of website visitors
  • number of registered members
  • number of posts
  • number of chat messages

2) Should we do anything for covid-19?

People are looking for connection more than anything else.  That connection can be about anything, but we should have something specific to motivate people to come together.  Let’s look at events in agenda item #4.

3) How to support/accommodate influx of schooled students interested in unschooling?

Should have virtual events allowing for live Q&A interview sessions with existing unschoolers.  Jordan offered to take the lead on these session.  Jim will help provide a list of potential unschoolers to teach out to.  Should also have the ongoing book club for Teenage Liberation Handbook.


4) What EVENTS should we organize?

Book Club – Katherine will run the Teenage Liberation Handbook book club.

“Lunch and Learn” – Jordan will run interview/Q&As with unschoolers.  Could also do career-specific sessions.

Mentorship Program – Possibly re-launch the Create+Connect summer program.  Will reach out to Original Paths and Alliance for Self-Directed Education to collaborate.

Other possible future events: Open Mic Night, Movie Night, Youth Freedom Festival (in-person).  Will need an individual to take the lead on each event to provide coherence.


5) Should PUN charge a membership fee?

+ revenue stream – charging would create a revenue stream to support PUN financially
+ security – since a credit card links directly to a person, this could make PUN safer
+ people tend to value more what they pay for
+ can increase our offerings
– many teens, especially schooled youth, don’t have access to payment options

6) Should we form a non-profit?

+ PUN.com / PUN.org – domain names might be available if we had a trademark
+ advertising grant is available for non-profits
+ looks more “legitimate” for donations
+ will have a focused board
– Jim personally loses ownership/control
– may create restrictions on how we can spend money

Action: Jim will reach out to discuss partnering with ASDE or becoming a part of ASDE?


Next Meeting:  May 11, 8:00-9:30pm Eastern Time

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