Convincing parents to talk to me about anything regarding schooling?

I’m in a weird situation, probably less weird for unschoolers but weird nonetheless. I’ve spent roughly 1.5 years isolated mostly in my home doing “Homeschooling” but I’ve been really unschooling and trying to deschool myself all alone. I convinced my parents to homeschool me but everything I did was on my own, of course they came with me to sign me off from school but that’s pretty much all. They didn’t bother learning themselves what homeschooling or unschooling or any alternative schooling was. They want to be told everything and while I’ve tried my best in the first few months trying to teach them all I knew about self directed learners, homeschoolers, and alternative schooling in general, it all went from one ear into another. I’m currently 17 and have major anxiety I’ll never be able to communicate well with my family at all. And things seem hopeless trying to do anything about it. I was depressed all of 2017 and it came crawling into 2018 but I made some friends along the way. Internet friends, but they definitely improved my mental state and I appreciate them a whole bunch. I know no one know’s who my parents are but I just hope there’s something I could try to do after the long non-discussion of alternative education. I just wanna get them on the same page as me and everytime they wanna threaten me to go back to school. I feel lazy and sapped out of all hope. I try to maintain my own interests and learn about the world but I feel so lost.

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