Is school destroying children?

Hi there! I’m Juwayria Asvat, I’ve been an unschooler and a self directed learner for over ten years now. I recently did a Ted talk and I’d love to share it with teens who it might resonate with.

Thanks Juwayria

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One response to “Is school destroying children?”

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    Hey Juwayria – this was really incredible. The remark about gap years was really telling… especially as we see this as a rising trend and something that’s really a positive things for young people, looking at “why do they need it” was excellent. And I was heartbroken to hear that statistic about suicide attempts in South Africa. Thanks for continuing to speak your voice and spread your message. So great. And also, great tactic of introducing yourself at the end, I think that was a powerful break from the normal approach to these talks.

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