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The Academia Manifesto

“The issues of conventional education have not only deteriorated the spirits of our very youth, but have also created a cultural tumor that has plagued the minds of countless Americans. With times such as these, where society is changing before our very eyes, we call for the total dismantling of the nearly two century old, […]

Summary of all the scientific studies about unschooling

Even as the unschooling movement grows in popularity, scientific studies remain few and far between. This is no problem for the families engaged in unschooling; they, after all, know firsthand the benefits that it brings and the positive outcomes that follow. However, the lack of research does remain an impediment for those who are interested in […]

“Schooled” article by PUN member @janearisi featured in ASDE’s Tipping Points

Jane discusses the paradox of how students view school as a prison that is deteriorating their mental health and passion for learning– but also as a necessity.

Tipping Points article, “Ours First”, for anyone who doubts whether SDE can work for non-white families

Dr. Kelly Limes-Taylor Henderson is an assistant professor of education and is interested in non-dominant conceptualizations of education. Her article is a great rebuttal to those asking questions like: “Can poor or working class families afford to pull their children out of conventional schools? How can single-parent-families do this? Have non-White families even considered this […]

Report of “What happens to self-directed learners” by Ken Danford

Ken Danford, the founder of North Star, wrote a report on the outcomes of all the youth who attended North Star over a 25 year period. The report has two parts: 1) the experiences of teens that used North Star as an alternative to high school and moved on to college, work, or other young […]

A Letter to Parents and Hackademics by Lisa Balbone

Per the author, Lisa Nalbone, “If you need some secret sauce to help you communicate with your parents, understand each other better and “get to yes”, you’re in the right place. And if you have some thorny decisions ahead, read on.”

Collection of Huffington Post articles by Catherine Gobron, founder of LightHouse

“Catherine Gobron works with teenagers who don’t want to go school. She has directed the program for North Star: Self-Directed Learning for Teens for nine years, where she has the pleasure of supporting teens who prefer to pursue their educations outside of traditional schooling. Catherine dropped out of high school in 1990, then went on […]

Dr. Peter Gray’s article where he surveyed grown unschoolers about their adult lives

Peter Gray discusses the outcomes for unschoolers as adults in this great article.  If you’re looking for a more ‘technical version’, he and Gina Riley also published their findings in the Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning (here).