The paladins from Voltron in LOGH uniforms

Explanation: When I did a drawing with Pidge cosplaying as Yang from Legend of the Galactic Heroes, I thought ”Pidge rocks that Alliance uniform!”, then I thought about what Keith would look like in Imperial uniform, (Awesome) the rest of the paladins quickly followed suit.

Dat metal plating tho. absurdly difficult, I feel sorry for the LOGH animators…

Left: Lance, Hunk and Pidge in Alliance uniforms, looking unprofressional

Right: Shiro, Keith and Allura rocking those Imperial uniforms.

Here are links to closeup pictures:
Lance, Hunk and Pidge: https://d28y5daoc1t3a7.cloudfront.net/6d/a56df0b9a511e7a659a19f3552757d/logh-voltron2.jpg
Keith, Allura and Shiro: https://d28y5daoc1t3a7.cloudfront.net/8a/9dcfb0b9a511e7af5d67e139023095/logh-voltron.jpg

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