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Part 0:

My goal is building this website was to lay a foundation and a framework, upon which the youth could direct and build to their heart's desire.  I feel like the site is finally at an appropriate place to make that transition.  I've posted the code for the site and instructions on how to guide yourself through learning how to modify, change, and extend PUN to make this into whatever you want it to be.  If you want to more introductory videos about building websites, you can check out the tutorials on my website titled, "How to Build a Website."

Part 1:
Loading a PUN Clone

Learn how to deploy the open sourced code onto your own server so that you can following along with the videos, experiment, break things, and see behind the curtain of PUN.

Download WordPress Import File
Download PUN Source Code

Part 2:
Building the PUN Home Page

Learn how to use the WordPress pagebuilder to layout a static page like our lovely home page.  We'll take a small peak at WordPress and code, but this is almost entirely drag-and-drop magic.

Part 3:
All About WordPress

Learn all about the powerful, yet easy-to-use content management system known as WordPress.  This is the backend platform that manages all the content that is posted to the site, and serves it up to visitors.  Incredibly useful for countless website projects.

Part 4:
Building the Content Pages

Learn how all the templates work which display the Bulletin, Radio, Theater, and Gallery pages and how they pull information from the database to fill the site.

Part 5:
PUN FriendFinder

Learn how the Ultimate Member plugin was used to create the Friend Finder tool and how it was customized to interact with the rest of the PUN pages.

Part 6:
Did I Forget Anything

I walk step-by-step through the WordPress dashboard to discuss each item in the menu and see if there was anything that I missed explaining in the first set of videos.  Next, we'll go beyond WordPress!

Part 7:
PUN Chat

In this video, I walk you through deploying your own clone of the PUN Chat application.  This doesn't use WordPress, it runs on MeteorJS.  You'll learn how to deploy your own and integrate it into WordPress.

Download: Instructions for Setting Up Rocket.Chat on Heroku
Download: Customizations for Rocket.Chat

Part 8:
PUN Mobile Application

In this video, I'll show you the different versions of the PUN Mobile application I've worked on and where I "left off" on this project.  We'll also briefly look at Android Studio.

Download: PUN Mobile App (Cordova Version)