Youth on Subjects of the World – Episode II – Youth on Adultism

The panel for our second episode includes Arthur Velwest, Martin Harvey-Olson, Liz Johnson, and Will Maguire. The topic that they have chosen to discuss is Adultism.

This is such a HUGE topic, our panelists have SO much to discuss.

“Adultism has been defined as ‘the power adults have over children’. More narrowly, ‘adultism is prejudice and accompanying systematic discrimination against young people’. On a more philosophical basis, the term has also been defined as ‘bias towards adults… and the social addiction to adults, including their ideas, activities, and attitudes.'” (Wikipedia)

The Youth will discuss this definition, share times in their lives when they have felt discriminated against due solely to their chronological age, and discuss solutions to rid the world of adultism, and other forms of discrimination and oppression.

“When we treat children as less important and inferior than adults, we train them to use domination and control over others. This becomes the foundation for oppression.” (Teresa Graham Brett, Parenting for Social Change)

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