Youth on Subjects of the World – Ep. #4 – Philosophy

The Youth will attempt to answer the following questions: What is philosophy? Where does it originate? What are some of the big ideas philosophy has brought into light? Is philosophy important? If so, in what ways? What is your personal philosophy, and how does it affect you, your family, community, country, and the world?

Our panel will discuss all this and more. If you are able to watch live, feel free to ask questions, and our panel will do their best to answer.

The Youth for Episode 4:

Coltrane Stagg
Coltrane Stagg is a 13 year old unschooler whose interests include video games, drawing, making music, coding and other geeky stuff. He’s gone all around the USA in an RV, where he and his family lived for an entire year.

Neil Karkhanis
Neil Karkhanis is 14 years old and attends South Jersey Sudbury School, a democratic free school where the students decide how to spend their time. He enjoys discussing politics, education, world events and nutritional science. He has been involved in community theater since the age of six. He spends a few months out of the year living in Tampa, FL and the rest in New Jersey. He’s very excited to have this platform to share views and ideas with others.

Dustin Lampropulos
Dustin, 22-year-old self-appointed unschooler, musician. He believes nothing is more important than the unhampered pursuit of truth.

Leandros Rivera

Leandros Rivera is 15 years old and he lives in New Jersey with his unschooling family. He has been happily homeschooled since first grade. His main interests lie in playing video games, reading, film making, philosophy, psychology, researching world religions, sketching and current events.

To watch the YouTube video: youtu.be/ZrnPF5brIYw
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