Minutes from PUN Organizing Meeting on 5/11/2020

PUN Organizing Meeting
May 11, 2020

Present: Jim, Katherine, Jordan, Benny

1) Discord vs. Rocket.Chat:

Rocket.Chat is the current chat platform, using open source code.  Discord is easier to use, has some other unschooling groups (Epic Unschoolers, Unschooling Hours, etc.), lots of teens are already on it, and allows videos calls for up to 9 people.  Downside of Discord is it’s a separate entity from the PUN platform, whereas Rocket.Chat allows for a “walled garden” of our own community, and is open source so we can modify it, and we can build up membership using it, and have our own branded mobile app.

Vote was to switch to Discord.

2) PUN mobile app update (and decision?)

Jim has an opportunity to get some “sorta-free” development work from a developer who can make our Rocket.Chat chat tool into an Android and iOS app.

Decided not to proceed since we’re switching to Discord.

3) Updates on Book Club, Q&A interview events, and Create+Connect program

Katherine’s book club started out strong but numbers have dropped.  Will shift to be more discussion-based than a read-along, and will announce the topic each week

Jordan plans to do the Q&A events thru YouTube live, and facebook live.  We can use a Zoom account or Discord to allow people to chat.  Will start contacting people Tuesday of next week

Create+Connect will be launched later this week by Jim


4) Event Promotion Strategies

AERO’s email list to announce events, Blake Boles, HSLDA has a mailing list, more ‘homeschooling’ labelled groups.


5) Event Ideas

Katherine will look into planning an Open Mic Night

6) Getting youth access to online payment options (if time permits)

Time did not permit

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