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    Really valuable post…. interesting it’s focusing on the black community though the issues are prevalent universally. Reminds me of my favorite joke from my “Flim Trilogy” album:
    “I’ve been in a lot of high schools, a handful of jails, and a catalog of mental hospitals… these places shouldn’t be so similar. Though on the plus side, school is the only one where you start out locked up and when you fuck up, you get to leave.”
    Though I suppose the non-joke version of this would be that if you get kicked out of school, you often end up in a juvenile detention center on that school->prison pipeline.

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    It’s no surprise that African Americans are the first to notice the impacts of poor schooling since that’s been their long history. Likewise it makes sense they’d notice the oppressive use of the prison system since that’s also impacted their communities way more than Whites’.

    White privilege distracts us Whites from the ways they are held back by capital. The school to factory pipeline has long oppressed the working class of all races but Whites get a slightly better deal so they put up with it. That’s really what racism is all about, convincing the majority of the working class put up with an unfair system by offering them a slightly bigger part of a tiny piece of the pie.

    We buy into the stories told by capital about lifting yourself up from your bootstraps, about lazy, stupid, criminal, poor people. We put up with crappy education because sticking with it might get us a better crappy job than someone who drops out.

    If school does anything well, it brainwashes us into thinking the USA is an exceptional, great place where all people can become whatever we want if we just apply ourselves.

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