I’m writing an article about deschooling from the perspective of a young person and would love to include perspectives from people other than myself.

For young people that have been unschooling for over a year, what advice would you give new unschoolers? What struggles did you face during your first year of unschooling, and how did you get past them?

For young people that have been unschooling for less than a year, what resources would be useful for you? What struggles are you currently facing that you would like advice on?

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    First comment just came in off a Facebook post:

    Maybe your teen would be interested in volunteering for a local community organization, help you with yardwork, spend two hours a day working on life skills such as cooking helping you pay bills learning about investments, banking, mortgages etc. Perhaps your teen would like to volunteer at a local veterinarians office, or senior centre where they might read to seniors who can’t see, even just going for walks to the park or going swimming, maybe playing board games with younger siblings. De-schooling is just the time it takes to get the schools way of doing things out of your child’s system. Giving them time to get a little bored is okay too. Ask your teen to think about how they would like to change the world. Visit the library and let them choose books on whatever topics they like.

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    Hi Katherine,

    I’ve heard from a lot of families recently whose teens are worried about embracing unschooling. My grown unschooler, Alyssa , is going to come talk to the teens that worried and/or their parents on Dec 18. It’s part of my private Unschooling Mom2Mom support Group, but there’s no commitment if someone just wants to join for 1 month, go to the webinar, and then leave.

    Here’s a link with more info:

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    Yes – I get a sense that most of the FB groups and even Reddit communities related to unschooling are all parents. I think PUN is really the only youth-focused place on the web for unschoolers, aside from some scattered about Discord servers.

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