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I’m a traditionally schooled student from IA, just started junior year.  I’ve written two books (published one), I code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and R, I can read in Italian, English, Spanish, and Korean, I make 2D and 3D animations, I create digital art, and I failed three classes last year.

My parents told me that this year, if I don’t get all A and B grades, they will send me to Montana to homeschool with my grandparents.  This seems like a better option, but it’s not.  My grandparents are very authoritarian and homophobic.  I would like to self-direct my education and have presented several options to my parents, but they refuse to take me seriously.

If I drop out of high school, they’ll kick me out of the house, which would be problematic because even if I could support myself (I make 800$ a month but probably cannot live on my own) nobody would rent to me.

Any suggestions?

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    well first off i asume you want to stay in the school you are at right now right?
    so in that case you can either try to get good grades but yeah Probaly not idea. l so my mom didnt used to take me srsly either and i made it clear to her that she has to so i guess just make them take you srsly i don’t know how since i don’t know your parents but somehow always works (this sounded better in my head)
    also fun fact 98% of what you learn is useless.

    so second if you end up at you’re grandparents you have got a problem (i will edit something in here if i can think of something sorry cant right now)

    third in case of you being kicked out of the house you seem to have a lot of talents/hobbys i have heard java and c++ gets payed pretty good so you could learn those shouldnt be a problem to learn them for you and getting a job in the us? should be pretty easy

    ps: hi and sorry for my spelling

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    I wrote this in the chat, but I’ll leave it here too:

    Have you tried looking for answers on Quora? I found this https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-start-unschooling-How-do-I-convince-my-parents-to-allow-me-to-unschool depending on how old you are, maybe you could meet your parents in the middle and take a few community college classes? Do you know WHY they don’t want you to drop out? Are they scared that you might never get a good job? I am part of this group https://successfuldropout.com/ on FaceBook, and from what I’ve read I was impressed by what you know! I personally think that school might hold you back from learning new things that you want to learn. Do you think if you take some online courses from udemy, coursera, khan academy, or other syllabus based websites, your parents will be okay with you dropping out? Have you tried finding anecdotes from grown unschoolers and showing your parents? Here’s an unschooler blog: http://yes-i-can-write.blogspot.com/2018/03/what-makes-unschooling-successful.html Let me know if any of this helps! Or if you have any more questions 🙂

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