Need Advice/ Help


I’m a traditionally schooled student from IA, just started junior year.  I’ve written two books (published one), I code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and R, I can read in Italian, English, Spanish, and Korean, I make 2D and 3D animations, I create digital art, and I failed three classes last year.

My parents told me that this year, if I don’t get all A and B grades, they will send me to Montana to homeschool with my grandparents.  This seems like a better option, but it’s not.  My grandparents are very authoritarian and homophobic.  I would like to self-direct my education and have presented several options to my parents, but they refuse to take me seriously.

If I drop out of high school, they’ll kick me out of the house, which would be problematic because even if I could support myself (I make 800$ a month but probably cannot live on my own) nobody would rent to me.

Any suggestions?

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