New self-directed community/centre project in Greece

The new B-e School Project we are launching in October 2018, is interculturally driven and based on our experience hosting worldschololing retreats during the past 2 years in Porto Grana Hub.
The intention is to connect families that decide to travel with their kids in an Edventure ( educational adventure ) worldschooling or unschooling their kids.

The idea is to create a self-directed education environment of a free learning space, where families that are traveling may settle for a while , creating a temporary community.

We want to create, facilitate, the possibility of encounters in our hub’s space that can be used in a co-living / co-studying manner, where learning can freely happen,

Where parents can meet and live with other parents and share highlights of their journeys and learning experience.

A space where kids can learn with one another and belong to a larger community not only the one of their own parents.

Starting with real physical encounters and interactions and always under the concept of the world as a classroom or the so called road-schooling.

Nomadic families welcome! Let’s create togetner a culture of tribes around the travel – free learn ecosystem.

Looking forward to meet you all here in Lakonia and hopefully co-create a lively community!

for more info : portograna@gmail.com

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