Family Coworking and living Spaces

A great hello from Spain!
We have a really crazy idea and am looking for people who want to share this project with us: create family coworking & coliving Spaces (first in my case in Spain and Portugal and then….???? all over the world). Creating consicious places means for me: the location as most self sustainable as possible (solar pannels for electricity, windcraft, own water or from the next source) beeing in harmony with the nature and all beings, creating our new space without mainstream, system,…. not only unschooling but gooing deeper beeing and living mindfullness where every soul can shine, where are no chimical or industrial food, gardening, plantbased living natural food, holisitic and selfhealing, …… electric motor driven cars, car sharing, in fact all good resources

Offering retreats, workshops for happyness, showing how amazing and lovely we can be and bringing this out in the world.

Of course it must be surrounded with nature, not too far away from the beach, having the possibility to connect directly with the nature….

This is only a very short description of my idea and I am wondering what you think about, is there someone who would like to be part of this?

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