What topics should we cover on Youth on Subjects of the World??

As some of you know, I co-produce a weekly webseries (and soon-to-be-podcast) called “Youth on Subjects of the World.

What topics would you like to hear discussed by teens on the show???

Here’s a list of topics we’ve covered so far:

Health, Natural Disasters, Treatment of Celebrities, Bullying, Living with Special Needs, Gaming Culture, Fandom Culture, Homelessness, War, the Apocalypse, US Prison system, Utopian Societies, Systems of Economy, Anarchy, Nuclear Weapons, LGBTQ Today, Humans Leaving Earth, Artificial Intelligence, Refugee Crisis, Conspiracy Theories, Education, Organized Religion, Philosophy, Internet Culture, Adultism, and the US Presidential Election.

PS – if you want to be on the show, just message me.

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